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A Brief History of Fire Conferences

The Lord laid on my heart in the early part of 2000 to start an annual Fire Conference, particularily among students pursuing higher education. The goal being to raise and train young people that He will use in the marketplace. This began gradually in Swaziland in 2001. During 2006, the first Swaziland Fire Conference was organized in partnership with UNISWA Lunch Fellowship on the campus of the University of Swaziland. The various Christian fellowships in the country participated. Since then, the conference has been a platform that brings young people together annually from the entire SADC Region (particularily from South Africa and Lesotho). It has also created a platform for various ministers to be a blessing to the students.

Today the UNISWA Lunch fellowship has embraced it as an annual program. I do believe and trust that The Lord will take the conference to greater heights until the entire SADC Region is set on fire for Him!

We will follow The Lord as He continues to open other doors across the globe for the fulfillment of His vision for the Fire Conferences.

Swaziland Fire Conference 2011

The details for this year's conference are below.

University of Swaziland

Date: March 28 - April 2nd 2011

Theme: The Spirit of the Lord God is upon me... Isaiah 61:1

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