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Welcome to the official website of The Incubator International. Kemi and I are glad that God led you here and we are sure you will be blessed tremendously as you take advantage of the resources available to you on this website 24/7. As you visit regularly, you will receive deeper insight into kingdom principles and lifestyle. You certainly will also receive the challenge to be the best you can be as a soldier in advancing the frontiers of the kingdom of God.

Sometime in August 2009, I had a telephone discussion with my wife (I was in my office at the University of Calgary while she was at home in St Paul). We went on as usual to discuss the state of the youth and the level of their unpreparedness for life and ministry, and that there seem not to be enough platform available for them to be groomed and prepared for what lies ahead of them. We compared their situation with the opportunity we had growing up in college, and fresh burden rose in both of our hearts. For years, this has been a major part of our passion in ministry. Later that week, as I continued thinking on our discussion, and on my 5hr drive back to St Paul, the word ‘Incubator’ came to my heart. Immediately, there was a witness in my spirit that the Lord wanted us to establish a platform that will prepare the youth and the youth-at-heart for life in its entirety. It is to be a complete package – career, marriage, ministry and general life experience. Kemi and I have taken time to think and pray about this and we have received various confirmations on this.

The Incubator International has been established to fulfill this vision. We trust the Lord to raise young people and those still young-at-heart that will be fully prepared and released to impact the entire globe in these last days. At TII, Potentials will be cultivated, Leaders will be raised, and Destinies will be released. God will ‘...Make nothing Something’.

So, welcome to TII. Take time to navigate our website regularly, it will be updated from time to time. Attempt is made to cover major aspects of your life – spirit, soul and body; please avail yourself of the resources provided. Listen to the daily broadcast of ‘Wisdom for Life’, read updates from ‘The Faculty’, and feel free to communicate with us on your relationship.  Take maximum advantage of the links provided in ‘The Market Place’; they will help you.

Don’t forget, the Lord calls those things that are not as though they were. Never give up on yourself. May God bless you and make your dreams come true. The Lord will rejoice over you daily, Amen. We would love to hear from you.

Our God Reigns,

Bode Akindele


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