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postheadericon Ministers and Leaders Meeting 2017

You are invited to attend this 1-evening 'Ministers and Leaders Meeting'. Monday June 12, 2017.

Everyone with a sense of God's call should plan to be part of this.
Admission is free but registration is required because seating is limited.


We invite you to watch our Promotional video for the event:



Hope to see you there.


postheadericon School of Discipleship

The Incubator International - School of Discipleship

‘…equipping saints, raising disciples, to save and change the world…’


The Incubator International School of Discipleship is established with the vision of providing in-depth foundational teachings to as many believers who desire to be well grounded in the faith and desire to be equipped to disciple new believers, and become resourceful Christian workers and leaders. No structure can exist without a firm foundation. The foundation of any structure anchors and supports everything that is built upon it. The topics covered in this course are absolutely essential foundation on which to build a strong Christian faith. Participants in this course; either a new or long standing believer, or a leader, will be glad they enrolled in the course.

Overview of the Certificate Course

The ideal way of discipleship is to walk along with a new believer. Jesus lived the ultimate example as He walked with His disciples. This course is an attempt to equip the participants to do the same. The curriculum of the school of discipleship consists of four different modules (FBC 101, FBC 102, FBC 103 and FBC 104) that ultimately combine together to satisfy the requirements for Certificate in Christian Discipleship.



Foundation Bible Course 101 (FBC 101)

New Creation Realities

This module is designed to establish new believers, and it is a requirement for believers who have not participated in foundational bible teachings and desire to do so. The topic covered include: Redemption realities, How to grow in Christ, Who you are in Christ, The Holy Spirit and the believer, Overcoming temptations, Baptisms, Stewardship, Giving, Love, etc. These classes will hold from September to December.


Foundation Bible Course 102 (FBC 102)

Building on a Firm Foundation

This module goes further to establish the believer on a firm foundation of faith. The topics covered include: Authority of the believer, Christian relationships, Personal evangelism, Fruit and Gifts of the Spirit, Prayer and Fasting, Profiting by the word, Obedience, Healing, Faith, etc. These classes will hold from January to March.

Foundation Bible Course 103 (FBC 103)

Understanding the Concept, Conditions, and Process of Discipleship

The topics covered in this module include: Definition, concept and basis of discipleship, Condition of discipleship, Cost of discipleship, Following Jesus, Transforming converts to disciples, Goals and blessings of discipleship, Systematic discipleship framework, Establishing discipleship program, etc. These classes will hold from April to June.

Foundation Bible Course 104 (FBC 104)

Supervised Practical Session

This a systematic practical session to be embarked upon by every participant, under the supervision of a pastor or identified more matured believer. The aim is to ensure that the concepts taught in the class are practically applied for quick understanding. The participant is expected to be involved in personal evangelism and discipleship of new converts. A broad aim is to establish a discipleship program within the church they attend and contribute to the growth of the local assembly. This module runs concurrently with FBC 103 and the final report is submitted at the end of July.


Course Details and Lecture Duration

The Certificate Course in Christian Discipleship is a One-Year program, starting in September of every year, and graduation follows in August of the following year. It is a multi-exit level course such that each of the modules are complete in themselves; and participants will be able complete the entire course in their convenient schedule.

Lecture Schedule: Every Thursday, from 6pm to 7:30pm (Mountain Time). Further details will be sent to every student before classes begin. You can be part of the course through a live classroom setting, live online or on demand from the comfort of your home or office!


This course is Tuition Free. Every participant is however required to register and pay for their own internet access. Additional resource will be paid for by the students.


Your Next Step - Register Today

If you are interested in being grounded in your Christian walk with, and desire to be an instrument to disciple others and be used of God both in your church and in the marketplace, visit our website right away and register online. You can also complete this brochure and send to our office.

Contact us for more information


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